The woman, visibly weak and apparently sick, spent hours lying idly on muddy ground in Norilsk suburbs on Tuesday, occasionally standing up to try to sniff out food, including a landfill. According to a report by Reuters, dozens of hungry polar bears scavenging for food in a remote inhabited area of northern Russian triggered a state of emergency earlier this year. A starving and exhausted polar bear has been spotted wandering in Russia's northern city of Norilsk - hundreds of kilometres from its natural habitat. Advertisement. Published 11 February 2019. Hungry polar bear attacks: why my novel “Eaten” is set in early March Posted on December 13, 2015 | Comments Off on Hungry polar bear attacks: why my novel “Eaten” is set in early March As I’ve pointed out previously , polar bears are leanest – and thus, hungriest and potentially the most dangerous to humans – at the end of winter (i.e. What are you doing in my trash? >>HOME OWNER: A polar bear! Hungry Polar Bears Eat Plastic Bag. Human activity such as using fossil fuels leads to warmer air and warmer ocean water, and that causes sea ice to melt. Enjoy eating. ‘Nearly all polar bears are skinny. >>HOME OWNER: Oh no! The … This is the heartbreaking moment a hungry baby polar bear chews on some plastic in the Arctic, while two others play tug-of-war with a bin liner. >>HOME OWNER: No, but we can all work together to try to fix this problem of global warming. Join our fan panel here: Earth Facebook BBC Earth Twitter Earth Instagram for all the latest animal news and wildlife videosThis is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Favorite thing to do / hobby: Play basketball, Favorite place or object in the Museum: Halls of gems and minerals. Climate change is making polar bears go hungry, study finds. Ice melting in north pole becomes faster. What you like most about science: I like learning about animals and their habitats. Watch the story unfold! One of the most immediate effects of Global Warming is its negative impact on life in the poles. 47 likes. Sound Creditsmusic frankum via, CC0; boom, yberkineticfilms__dragon-land via, CC BY 3.0; iceberg, jeo via, CC BY 3.0; crowd cheer, adam-n via, CC0. The sea ice where he lives is melting and he can't get to his regular food. The incident was preceded by reports of a polar bear being spotted in the suburban area of Norilsk, a city in Siberia, hundreds of miles from its normal habitat. The total number of polar bears is estimated at 25,000 animals, around 7,000 of them live in Russia. Staying in Thailand. Filmmaker Mr Buchanan shows nerves of steel as he endures the lethal polar bear’s 40-minute sustained assault as it desperately hunts for a weak spot in his protective pod. Pick something you are curious about and science will have the answer. The polar bear is in Russia's Red Book of endangered animals, because their numbers are getting lower every year. This specimen, when mounted, stood 3.39 m (11 ft 1 in) tall on its hindlegs. Advice to kids who think science is boring. This is … Comments. What you like most about science: There are always things that haven't been discovered. The hungry eight-foot predator repeatedly attacks the safety perspex box – the on-ice equivalent of a shark cage – housing helpless Gordon Buchanan. Urban development causes the Global Warming. Abnormally warm weather in Russia’s easternmost region caused a polar bear ’siege’ with 56 predators gathered at a site near the village of Ryrkaipiy. Everything counts! It's the differences in this world that make all the difference! Advice to kids who think science is boring: Come to the American Museum of Natural History! Daily Headlines. A hungry polar bear has been filmed looking for food in a Russian city far south of its normal hunting grounds.