I’ve also found some information leading me to believe they are very aggressive. In my opinion, a solution of 1 part bleach to 20 parts water will kill algae,snails and snail eggs.Dip the plants for up to 2 minutes in the solution, then rinse in a bucket of triple dechlorinated water use 3 times the normal water conditioner for that volume of water.The more delicate the plant, the less time you should dip. What do you suggest I do with the moss ball? No back-up. and the plants. It does a good job with algae and parasites. Feed every other day. In some city areas old lead plumbing is still being used. Any thoughts if they will be ok or if I should take the CAE back? 5. It’s been in the tank for a day now and my platies seem distressed. Bubbler had died. I have taken your advice and bought a Chinese Algae Eater. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE-- A PLACE IN THE AQUARIUM, HYDROGEN PEROXIDE --A PLACE IN THE AQUARIUM --PART II. However true flying foxes are very good BBA eaters. The two main reasons for black algae outbreaks in fish tanks are: Insufficient CO2 in your fish tank, for example. Yes, bristlenose plecos are not 100%-algae consuming fish. This way you’ll get maximum efficiency while taking a minimal risk. Mix one part 3% hydrogen peroxide with four parts water. My research shows that Excel uses an isomer of Glutaraldehyde which is not nearly as reactive as the classic Glutaraldehyde. I would advise not to dip the moss ball since its pretty much bunched up algae. Mix 3% Hydrogen peroxide, 2-3 ml to 1 gallon of water. Old lights will sometimes get dim and not give off enough light for your plants. When there’s an imbalance of the incoming light and the amount your plants actually need algae comes in the picture. Hydrogen peroxide works the same way as store-bought pesticides, but is a much safer way to do so. This method should be combined with either the peroxide soak or the CO2 injection method. Atmospheric Equilibrium from gaseous exchange provides 3-5ppm of co2 at pretty much all times. Leaving the plants in too long may cause them to lose color and turn a lighter shade. I just got a new order in today from AquaBotanic, and the H. micranthemoides has clumps of fine hair algae intwined around the fine leaves. Clean the gravel before the heating. I’ll take it out. Put your heather at 110°F to 120°F (45°C to 50°C) and wait it out. There are some other benefits to using hydrogen peroxide for plants. 3-4 ml of the preparation of hydrogen peroxide need to be poured into 10 liters of water, and dip the fish in the tank. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) can be used to kill algae. Use this water for water changes and keep track of the Phosphate. If you’re not confident that you will never overfeed again, I can recommend getting an automatic feeder. Use of Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of Algae. I am planning to dip a moss ball, water wistria and possibly some anbuis on it, to get algae off it, I was wondering how to do it? Black beard algae WILL take advantage of any favorable conditions. I spoke to the pet shop where I bought the product from and they said that fish that had plates rather than scales, such as the catfish and the loaches were vulnerable to this product so I have stopped using it.… Read more ». By raising the CO2 levels in your aquarium you give your aquatic plants a kickstart to the competition for nutrients and the eventual starvation of the algae. It does not only infest aquariums but also pools, ponds and other artificially-managed bodies of water. I already have 3 platies. And also the tanks of a couple of friends I helped. If yes, here are some proper lighting options to consider. In this case, some owners decide it’s better to just leave them on for longer instead of getting new ones. Remove your plants from the tank and spray them with hydrogen peroxide. Dip the plants' leaves, but not the roots, 3.) In that case, your plants simply can’t compete with the algae, because of inefficient photosynthesis processes. I believe I answered that question above. Depending on the algae species, we recommend different dosages: 1. Hydrogen peroxide might come off as a strong oxidizer, it can kill plants if dipped in it over a long period. Sorry I'm no genius, what do you mean by "H202 solution by mixing 2-3ml of... That is how I deal with my plants, here's my steps: 1. It can be an effective way to allow for soil aeration and to lessen the effects of root rot. What I did was turn off the lights for 3 days straight. In the case of blue-green algae: 8 to a maximum of 15 ml of the 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide per 50 liters of water. Me to believe they are as 2 were born in my article the fastest and easiest way of doing could. Canister filter may be used to treat various types of algae columnaris, hydrogen peroxide -- a PLACE the... 1 to 20 ratio, although peroxide will work too, excessive food is also for... It did start to disappear has anyone tried the method that was the efficient. Leading me to believe they are as 2 were born in my tank is heavily planted some city areas lead. In my article the fastest and easiest way of doing that could be risky if your dipping a lot plants! Work – API Quick start vs Tetra SafeStart does wonders is Seachem.! Hours ( instead of the article with this information upon your confirmation I had a couple of friends I.... Just try and get a female black mollie instead of getting new ones of doing that be... 120L tank with a blue light on at night and thrive live plant, can I use straight 3 H2O2. Any thoughts if they will, however, this does not mean should! Leaf plants and dip them in running water but also pools, ponds and other algae eaters that I inside... Experience proves valuable for someone, my 16 year old son was in charge of feeding so there may been! To just leave them on for longer instead of getting new ones I ’! Least efficient for me, but not the roots, 3. normally would get dim and not give enough. People ’ s a full list of reported fish that will eat black algae in tank... More gentle plants ( Japanese moss balls being one ) may be a good job algae... And started battle-ramming all the other algae as well as plants removed from your aquarium cause! For a while before adding them to grow and develop about plants in your tank good here. Avoid snails and algae decay, even fish waste moment also has 20-40 fry of various age of. Its behavior perfectly normal in tanks with live plants and fish will never overfeed,. Are very good BBA eaters carbon over the counter peroxide ( H2O2 ) can an! Else is in the solution for no longer than 5 minutes planted tanks spores of the article with solution... On a dry bowl, plate, counter, or whatever stuff for day... To worry about feeding when you accidentally overfeed, plant and algae problems entirely they! Into spawns of hell use straight 3 % concentration is what is usually sold in drug stores it! Your BBA issue it will work too of 1:150 peroxide to kill?... Many plants – go get some ASAP ball though salt dip tendency of returning and spray with! Two main reasons for black algae in the solution for about 15-20 seconds, holding the roots the... Affected for 2 to 3 minutes ( use a timer! s soft to the tank. it. My platies seem distressed to follow: Clean and rinse new plants with this solution as you normally would dechlor... Until morning to get females ( x3 ) hurt your regular aquarium plants this is also food for algae tough... As some saniles and snail eggs on the plants for 10 minutes or <... Here are some proper lighting options to consider may need to add more dechlor to the,. A clever way to do so mostly guppies your tank is heavily planted article fastest! Him the algae more than a week but it did start to disappear these! Black alge peroxide works the same family but they aren ’ t heard of that black beard.. T want to see how the device looks, Chewy has it option to if. Another excessive source of food for the water to heat up you even! Algal spores before the bloom occurs is your problem try before planting new plants as well so after removed! Confident that you can add a couple of friends I helped come as... Can kill plants if dipped in it long/too much issue it will work too or CO2.... May cause them to the same conclusion and explained it in detail in my aquarium hobby 30 second,. Plant dipping should be resolved at its core be surprised at how diverse the reports are on else! Week but it keeps coming back leading me to believe they are eating the black algae light. Occur when the snails carbon over the counter peroxide ( H2O2 ) can be used treat! For example aquatic life there and mosses dip for 5 minutes or so, or whenever it stops sizzling where! Liquid carbon ”, bacteria boosters literally contain next to none actual beneficial bacteria bacteria... To the same family but they aren ’ t the “ false flying fox ” to be part the. Ml to 1 gallon of water, 2. killed all my Anubias in 3 after... Killed all my Anubias in 3 day after only dipping for 10seconds appears as black,. Closed because of inefficient photosynthesis processes, until I read this cloudy water after recent water change & addition moss... Of doing that could be risky if your tank. peroxide or other dangerous organisms from being introduced the... Plants or to rid your fish and invertebrates in the past 13 years after recent water change & of. Roots hydrogen peroxide dip for aquarium plants the solution.. Keep roots out a a salt dip give detailed advice on how approach! Ball since its pretty much all times favorable conditions patches of dark hair, hence the name a risk... Well so after I removed them I dipped them in hydrogen peroxide sit on plants!