- lxvi. Report to Environment Agency, Worthing Boro Council and Arun District Council, [13 Technical Reports, without consecutive pagination] . Only the possible ones get linked up with a consecutive series of commands corresponding to a series of events, and are executed. He must be at least thirty years of age and have been a citizen of the state for the last seven years before election. Show More Sentences A double-digit rise in the welfare budget for two consecutive years is also inevitable, considering both the widening income gap and scanty social safety net. It's typical for average new car prices to decrease or increase by a few hundred dollars each year, but 2009 marked the third consecutive year of decreasing average vehicle prices. As with any weight-bearing exercises, don't perform these moves on consecutive days, but allow 48 hours to pass between ab workouts. Seattle is 2-4 and coming off consecutive fourth-quarter collapses. arithmetic progression of consecutive primes for any given (finite) length? To sentence is defined as to give someone a punishment. Michael holds the NBA record for most consecutive games (842) scoring in double-digits. Amendments to the constitution must be passed by a majority of each house of the legislature at two consecutive sessions and submitted to a vote of the people at the next regular election. They won 1?0 for the fourth consecutive week. The pill is taken for 21 consecutive days of the menstrual cycle followed by a 'placebo' pill for 7 days, during which time menstruation occurs.Combination pills are not recommended for women who wish to breastfeed. The head of the executive is the president, chosen by an electoral college for four years, and only re-eligible after eight consecutive years. Within the rectangle formed by pairs of consecutive dark lines, and not far from its centre, the brightness rises to a maximum; but these subsequent maxima are in all cases much inferior to the brightness at the centre of the entire pattern (=o, n =o). Considering the variable curve corresponding to a given value of the parameter, or say simply the variable curve, the consecutive curve has then also 6 and nodes and cusps, consecutive to those of the variable curve; and it is easy to see that among the intersections of the two curves we have the nodes each counting twice, and the cusps each counting three times; the number of the remaining intersections is = m 2 - 263 K. At any one of the m 2 -26 - 3K points the variable curve and the consecutive curve have tangents distinct from yet infinitesimally near to each other, and each of these two tangents is also infinitesimally near to one of the n 2 -2T-3t common tangents of the two curves; whence, attending only to the variable curve, and considering the consecutive curve as coming into actual coincidence with it, the n 2 -2T-3c common tangents are the tangents to the variable curve at the m 2 -26-3K points respectively, and the envelope is at the same time generated by the m 2 -26-3K points, and enveloped by the n2-2T-3c tangents; we have thus a dual generation of the envelope, which only differs from Pliicker's dual generation, in that in place of a single point and tangent we have the group of m2-26-3K points and n 2 -2T-3c tangents. Concurrent definition is - operating or occurring at the same time. They form a consecutive series from rude unhewn stones to highly finished obelisks, of which the tallest still erect is 60 ft. The rotation of crops is not adopted as a principle of cultivation; but in practice it is well known that a succession of exhausting crops cannot be taken in consecutive seasons from the same field, and the advantage of fallows is widely recognized. In the Greek the additions form with the canonical text a consecutive history. He won 20 consecutive games against the world's leading grandmasters. and another reason for their calculations resulting in so high a figure is suggested by the recent discoveries: they may in all good faith have reckoned as consecutive a number of early dynasties which were as a matter of fact contemporaneous. consecutive sentence: a sentence that runs at the end of another. consecutive days. You must record the coin tosses in the right order, placing each consecutive result on top of the previous one. 20 examples: We won our third consecutive victory on the proposals contained in the… He came of a Somersetshire family, which had given five consecutive generations of clergymen to the Anglican church. It had rained for four consecutive days. Each consecutive season includes many scenes of their business relationship with each other. How to use consecutively in a sentence. The methanol extract was evaporated and partitioned with n-hexane, benzene, trichloromethane, ethyl acetate and n-butanol, consecutively . An example of consecutive months are July and August. How to tackle repetitive sentences. 1-6; they retain here and there a very old tradition as to arrangement of clauses or turns of expression.) The foot, the bottom, the abyss,[Sentence dictionary] that beckons for the third, 29. Change the adverb to "slowly," and the reader understands "thumbing" differently. Consecutive numbers are numbers that follow each other in order from smallest to largest, what we call regular counting order. Continuous shooting mode approx 3 frames per second for up to 9 consecutive shots. However, there are laws requiring that each school be taught at least six months in a year, and that children between the ages of seven and fourteen attend for at least twelve consecutive weeks, and for a total of sixteen weeks in every year. If you miss two consecutive classes in a row, the instructor will drop you from the class. Typically the product begins to show its effectiveness after three to four weeks of daily consecutive use. He was reelected for four consecutive terms. In fact, it is possible for you to wear these lenses for up to six consecutive nights, and then replace with a fresh pair. The schools are open to all pupils between the ages of six and twenty-one, and attendance for twelve weeks each year, eight of which must be consecutive, is compulsory for those between the ages of eight and fourteen. These are not the words of a man who is following a complete and authoritative poem; judging from the context of the other references to Bleheris he was rather a collector and versifier of short episodic tales, and it seems far more natural to understand Thomas as having wrought into one complete and consecutive form the various poems with which the name of Breri was associated, than to hold that that, or a similar, work had already been achieved by another. A concurrent sentence is almost always preferable to a consecutive sentence because it allows individuals to get out of jail or prison quicker. Similarly, the yield from any given reservoir, or the capacity required for any yield, corresponding with any mean rainfall from 30 to 100 in., and with the flow over any period, from the driest year to the six or more consecutive driest years, may be determined from the diagram. - Your choice., won a tenth… Concurrent Sentence. consecutive victory in the Supersport Cup to clinch the title. It is equally satisfactory to know that there is a nearly constant ratio on any given area (exceeding perhaps 1000 acres) between the true mean annual rainfall, the rainfall of the driest year, the two driest consecutive years and any other groups of driest consecutive years. (The Burmese is, in its turn, a translation from a Pali work of unknown date; it gives the whole life, and is the only consecutive biography we have.) In any continuous motion of a solid about a fixed point 0, the limiting position of the axis of the rotation by which the body can be brought from any one of its positions to a consecutive one is called the instantaneous axis. All Rights Reserved. He is elected for a term of two years and is not eligible for more than three consecutive terms. The whole diagram shows, by the greater gradient of the unbroken straight lines, the greater demand which can be satisfied by the enlargement of the reservoir to the extent necessary to equalize the flow of the two driest consecutive years. If a prisoner ends up with three sentences, one for 10 years, … consecutive sentence: a sentence that runs at the end of another. Yosemite campground reservations are available for up to one consecutive month at a time. the Nicomachean Ethics, the Eudemian Ethics and the Magna Moralia; or, strangest of all, a consecutive treatise and other discourses amalgamated, e.g. Eurail Pass Youth: For anyone under 26 years old, offers consecutive 15, 21, 30, 60 or 90 day travel on second class trains. How to use consecutive in a sentence. There are no blackout dates and the passes are good for a full 365 consecutive days. 3. beacon status Tower Hamlets has been awarded beacon status for the fourth consecutive year. I settled down to consecutive literary work. Two sentences of three years served consecutively equate to a six-year sentence. Amendments to the constitution must be passed by both houses of the General Assembly at two consecutive sessions, and must then be ratified by three-fifths of the electors of the state present and voting thereon in town and ward meetings. creatinine concentrations and PDC index listed were the average of four spot urine samples per day in five consecutive days. Besides this, in the case of a county, or of any district or combination of districts of which the population exceeds 50,000, the medical officer must also have a diploma in public health, unless he has during the three consecutive years before 1892 been medical officer of a district or combination having a population of more than 20,000, or has before the passing of the act been for three years a medical officer or inspector of the Local Government Board. duplex imaging of ulcerated or recently healed legs was obtained in 500 consecutive patients from three centers. The more ancient account survived, however, he myth that Osiris, Horus, Seth, Isis and Nephthys (a less who plays but a minor part in the Osiris cycle) were all Iren of the earth-god Keb and the sky-goddess Nut, born on five consecutive days added on at the end of the year (the flied epagomenal days). With further experience it has become obvious that very few reservoirs are capable of equalizing the full flow of the three consecutive driest years, and each engineer, in estimating the yield of such reservoirs, has deducted from the quantity ascertained on the assumption that they do so, a certain quantity representing, according to his judgment, the overflow which in one or more of such years might be lost from the reservoir. On the three-fields system corn has been grown upon it for fifty to seventy consecutive years without manure. High quality example sentences with “consecutive words” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English From the literary-critical results, however, it is not so much the history of consecutive periods as the account of consecutive periods by compilers who are not far removed from one another as regards dates, but differ in standpoints. Thus, in a plane path, let P,Q be two consecutive positions, corresponding to the C times t, t + t; and let the normals at - v+~v P, Q meet in C, making an angle ~ Let v (=s) be the velocity at P, V v+v that at Q. For example, in the sentence "John thumbed through the book rapidly," the word "rapidly" provides the reader with more information about how John "thumbed;" thus, "rapidly" is an adverb. passing the canes through three consecutive sets of rollers, in order to extract everything possible of extraction by pressure) is employed. 20 examples: We won our third consecutive victory on the proposals contained in the… Unhappily the exertion of directing so many consecutive performances seems to have been too much for the veteran master's strength, for towards the close of 1882 his health began to decline rapidly. In the scenario above, X will serve a total of 5 years. The size of the angle between the median planes of two consecutive leaves in an alternate arrangement is their divergence; and it is expressed in fractions of the circumference of the axis which is supposed to be a circle. For example, if a defendant is convicted and sentenced for two six-year sentences and one three-year sentence, he/she would only serve six years under concurrent sentencing … This is the fifth consecutive weekend that I've spent working, and I'm a bit fed The best consecutive account is given in the Guide Joanne, Grece, ii. Where the pagination is not consecutive through the volume, it is essential to give the month or part number. Consecutive clauses are two clauses linked in one sentence by using connectors. From a measurement of the maximum distance the least angle between consecutive lines consistent with resolution may be deduced, and a comparison made with the rule stated above. Consecutive Citations Don’t cite after every sentence in a paragraph if all the citations are from the same source, as is done in the passage below: Teachers interact by taking classes into the community or bringing in stakeholders who The most important of all, the 19th Yasht, gives a consecutive account of the Iranian heroic saga in great broad lines, together with a prophetic presentment of the end of this world.

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