Cyclone Phailin was second strongest tropical cyclone in India since the 1999 Odisha cyclone, resulted heavy rainfall in Odisha,Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand as well as other Indian states. Over 11 lakh people have been evacuated and accommodated in the shelter homes. Angul- 6764230980, Balasore - 6782262286, Baragarh - 664623112, Bhadrak - 6784251881, Bolangir - 6652232452, Boudh - 6841222023, Cuttack - 6712507842, Deogarh - 6641226843, Dhenkanal - 6762226507, Gajapati - 6815222943, Ganjam - 6811263978, Jagatsinghpur - 6724220368, Jaipur - 6728222648, Jharsuguda - 6645272902, Kalahandi - 6670230455, Kandhamal - 6842253650, Kendrapara - 6727232803, Keonjhar - 6766255437, Khurda - 6755220002, Koraput - 6852251381, Malkangiri - 6861230442, Mayurbhanj - 6792252759, Nawarangapur - 6868222434, Nayagrah - 6753252978, Nuapada - 6678225357, Puri 6752223237, Rayagada - 6856224062, Sambalpur - 6632412407, Subarnapur - 6654220362, Sundargarh - 6622272233. A super-cyclone battered the coast of Odisha for 30 hours in 1999, killing 10,000 people. The promise of a feast was too tempting for them. Generally, tropical cyclones over the Bay of Bengal have a lifespan of four-seven days. A yellow alert has been sounded in Odisha after it intensified into "extremely severe cyclonic storm" late on Tuesday night. The misunderstanding was due to a lack of awareness on both my part and that of the forest department. Apart from Odisha, the cyclone is likely to hit Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. 1999 Odisha cyclone on 29 October at its record peak intensity, as it made landfall on Odisha India is a country in the North Indian Ocean that is the most vulnerable to getting hit by tropical cyclones in the basin, from the east or from the west. After making landfall in Odisha with wind speeds@180 kmph, Cyclone Fani is expected to weaken in the next 3 hours with a wind speed of 150-160 km … On May 3, Cyclone Fani wreaked havoc on the coastal areas of Odisha and West Bengal, before moving on to Bangladesh with relatively low intensity. However, the entire exercise hasn’t been without its challenges. Watch Queue Queue. The large-scale devastation that it had caused to human life, property, animals and the environment was heart-breaking. Life remained paralysed on Saturday, a day after ‘extremely severe’ cyclonic storm Fani, ripped through eight districts of Odisha. The Odisha Government recognizes the necessity to continuously improve on disaster risk reduction and management capabilities, and aims to rebuild a more resilient future for its citizens. On #ReportersProject with @anuradhasays. Cyclone Thane 2011 One of the biggest storms to hit India's eastern coast- cyclone Fani- has made landfall in Odisha's Puri and is expected to intensify as the officials executed a mass evacuation of locals from low lying coastal areas and are taking precautionary measures to mitigate the damage. Cyclone Laila: In 2010, after a gap of two decades the south-eastern part of India was hit "#Odisha Chief Minister's Relief Fund now accepts donations from foreign nationals, Persons of Indian origin, overseas citizens of India and NRIs," the Chief Minister's Office tweeted. “The forest department cut them off along with other wild trees because then they did not know who had planted them. That was when I decided to plant a few trees like mango, palm and casuarina near my house and restore some greenery to what looked like a vast stretch of barren land,” says Krushna, speaking to The Better India. We put out curated content on our Instagram account- green living hacks, green innovations, leading a no-tox life and heroes in the sustainability space. Standing next to what used to be her home but has been reduced to a heap of mud and broken thatch, she … There was a genuine misunderstanding. “When I fervently started planting trees after Fani, forest department officials had suspicions that I was trying to stealthily occupy government land. The extreme weather event has rendered lakhs homeless. Cyclone Fani, which will make a landfall in Odisha on Friday evening, is the strongest cyclone to be formed in the month of April in India in 43 years. Vistara also informed the passengers via Twitter about the cancellation of flights from Odisha and Kolkata. Minister of  Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu wrote a tweet requesting all the airlines to cooperate in the relief and rescue mission impending the cyclone. Tropical Cyclone Fani: The storm is India's strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall in 20 years. He says he hasn’t kept track of the expenditure incurred. Here's everything you need to know about cyclone Fani. In 2013, a mass evacuation of nearly a million people likely saved thousands of lives. In life, there are sometimes events or episodes that bring about a complete transformation in a person's character. We at The Better India want to showcase everything that is working in this country. Readers only offer: Get additional Rs 200 off on 'The Better Home' powerful natural cleaners. In the years after the devastating cyclone, Odisha began building cyclone shelters on a war footing. It also helps prevent soil erosion and provides firewood to the villagers. Two months after the cyclone hit, the Odisha State Disaster Management Authority was set up and plans put in … The 1999 Odisha cyclone organized into a tropical depression in the Andaman Sea on 25 October, though its origins could be traced back to an area of convection in the Sulu Sea four days prior. Also it can provide the habitats for disappeared birds like baya weaver and other birds and animals. After Cyclone Fani Wreaks Havoc, Economic Disruption Upends Lives in Odisha. After Odisha Cyclone, Retired Jawan Spends Pension Money to Plant 50,000 Saplings “Spending lakhs of his own money, he used to walk around collecting palm seeds and burying them like green dams.” Post Author: Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk; Post published: July 9, 2020; Post Category: Odisha “Biswal is doing an incredible job and his plantation is helping the villagers to stay safe from the havoc of cyclones. Cyclone Helen brought heavy rainfalls in eastern … Air and ground travel to and from Odisha and other east-coast states have been disrupted. The 1999 Odisha cyclone (IMD designation BOB 06, JTWC designation 05B) was the most intense recorded tropical cyclone in the North Indian Ocean and among the most destructive in the region. And the fact that it's heading towards Odisha after … This video is unavailable. Cyclone Laila: In 2010, after a gap of two decades the south-eastern part of India was hit by two 'severe' cyclones within a gap a few months; The first being Cyclone … Kolkata-based Aayush Sarda formed social enterprise ‘Sweetness of Ethics’ to help victims of Cyclone Amphan to source, package and market honey to earn better livelihoods selling 1,200 bottles every month. For Odisha, the 1999 Super Cyclone was one such event. Amit Shah speaks to CMs of Odisha, Bengal; assures help to deal with situation after cyclone; Supreme Court awards higher compensation to kin of man killed in 2010 … Lakhimpriya Behra, 40, a daily wage worker, is happy to be alive after Cyclone Fani hit Odisha on the morning of May 3rd with wind speed up to 175-200 kilometers per hour. An uphill task to repair 75 high power transmission towers, 11,000 distribution transformers and 84,000 km of low tension power lines that protect against soil erosion, act as a solid fence against events like cyclones and also bear fruits for the people, herbivorous animals and birds of the area,” he says. Odisha estimates loss at ₹12,000 Cr due to cyclone Fani PTI Bhubaneswar | Updated on May 15, 2019 Published on May 15, 2019 A view of the destruction caused by Cyclone Fani after … Cyclone Fani, which had wind speeds between 175-200 km/hr, made landfall in the state of Odisha, India on May 3rd. Indigo also put out a similar post informing that all the flights to and fro Kolkata have been cancelled. It's one of the severe storms to hit the eastern coast after 1999. Cyclone Hudhud in 2014 was Strong tropical cyclone caused damage in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha. The name for this cyclone was suggested by Bangladesh which means snake or a snake with hood. Heavy rainfall in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand. 3:29. As reported by the Business Standard, as many as 10,000 villages and 52 towns in nine districts of Odisha are likely to be affected by the life-threatening storm. The forecast predicts that the cyclone will continue moving towards the northeast before weakening over the Gangetic West Bengal. Cyclone Helen – 2013. It would help us if you can follow our Instagram handle and spread the word around. Cyclone Fani origin. The extent of damage that this severe storm is capable of causing can be assessed by the fact that torrential rains and high-velocity winds that followed the landfall uprooted many trees and electricity poles in the region, killing at least two. The While Odisha is trying to gather pieces after Cyclone Fani, Dalit community in the Puri, are facing caste discrimination in the wake of catastrophe. While Krushna only got to see the aftermath of the 1999 cyclone, he was in Odisha in May 2019, when Cyclone Fani hit, and had his first real-life experience of what it’s like to encounter nature’s fury. He also took the initiative to plant various fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in the village forest with his children and friends, which has eliminated the food shortages of wildlife, birds, etc. I chose tree varieties like palm, mango, jamun, neem etc. Post author: Himanshu Nitnaware Reporters Project: A Month After Cyclone Fani People In Odisha Piece Together Shattered Lives. Today, he is dedicating his life to environmental protection and stands as a green hope for the local area. Traversing for nearly 10 days over the sea allowed Fani to gather such strength that it is now classified as an extremely severe cyclone. As per the recent reports, the Indian government has set aside $144 million for relief programs for the storm-hit areas. “I plant trees only to fulfil my duty as a responsible citizen. To put the scale of destruction in perspective, an Instagram account shared ‘before and after’ photos of popular places in Bhubaneswar and Puri that are badly affected by Fani. Forest Officer Creates Odisha’s First Eco-Village, Helps Residents Earn Rs 2 Crore, The Legendary IFS Officer Who Adopted a Tigress As His Own Daughter, Click here if you want to make a contribution of your choice instead, Join our community of positive ambassadors.

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